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Mrs. Angelina

Psychic Soulmate Love Reading

This is a perfect reading for those who are

looking for answers to their love-life?

1. Want to know where your relationship is going?

2. Has your relationship suddenly changed?

3. Have you notice calls/messages slowing down?

4. Are you separated a week or longer...

If you answered yes to to one of the questions above

then don't hesitate to call me.

You'll discover important details of your relationship during your psychic love reading.

Will help you understand their feelings.

Get them to open up have a honest conversation with you.
Even if your not together.

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Psychic Love Reading via phone.

Private & Confidently 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Call 206-858-8191 for in person Psychic Reading 1224 12th Ave. Seattle, Washington  by Appointment. No Walk-ins.

Satisfied Clients 
Since 2009

After my psychic love readings 88% of my clients reconnected their relationships again.

*FYI I tell the truth even if someone is in the wrong relationship.

Everyone deserves to know where they stand in their relationship.

I have no time limit on my psychic love readings.

True love always gets a 2nd chance... Angelina